Landrover Restoration

August 12, 2007

A Roof of Bog

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The roof has large amounts of bog, the worse being 7mm deep at the back where something has dented the roof. Most of the dints are easily repaired so who knows why you would bother bogging it ?

I have pulled the door handle mechanisms apart and cleaned them up, at the moment they are in primer ready for some colour.

Photos of the day:

August 4, 2007

Panel Sanding

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More Sanding today on the doors and the firewall. The door skin on the drivers side was particularly bad having a strip of fibre glass in the bottom section to badly cover a rotten door skin. It might be easier to replace the ddoor skin here. The Firewall was wire brushed to expose some rust sections. Looks like a replacement panel will need to be ordered for here and mig welded in place.I spent a good hour wirebrushing the chassis and other components to get rid of the dust dirt and grime ready for the chassis blacck paint to go on. A new tool joined the shed from Super Cheap Auto, taking advantage of  their 20% off sale. I picked up a Die grinder which will be of great assistance when i start the welding of the panels etc.Some photos of the day:The roof is particularly bad, being 90% covered in 5mm of bog. The roof can be panel beaten back to a reasonable condition once the damn bog is removed.   More photos here: Photos from the Day.

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