Landrover Restoration

September 22, 2007

Engine out…

Filed under: Body Work, Engine — Steven Rowlandson @ 10:24 pm

Today was a successful day. I managed to pull the radiator and surround out, then unbolted the bell housing and engine mounts, exhaust and a few linkages to remove the engine. This was then cleaned with the karecher and CT18 and the whole car got a good clean. the paint stripping of panels continued and thus far only the bonnet and seat box are in the first coat of primer. Lots more paint stripping and wire brushing to remove old paint will continue and the new engine crane worked a treat in getting the engine out. Once its on the engine stand we can start to strip it down to replace the welch plugs, rebuild the carbie and check on the condition of the rings and head. Tomorrow i’ll take some photos for the progress thus far and start to clean up the chassis for painting as well as continued stripping of the panels. It seams never ending. 

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