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January 31, 2008

Gearbox mounts - Life wasn’t meant to be easy

Filed under: Gearbox — Steven Rowlandson @ 8:07 pm

Today the Gearbox mounts arrived. Yay! I stupidly had ambitions of a few hours work to get the mounts in, engine in. How wrong. After some fiddling and cursing, a decision was made to remove the seat box to fully expose the gearbox. 10x 7/16″ bolts across the back, 8 were brand new so easy to undo with the impact air gun at least :) and the 4 x 1/2″ bolts and the box was out. The mounts were corroded and rusted solid. Some heaving on them with the trusty JBS breaker bar and they were out. I have to unbolt the 4 (18mm - weird size?) bolts holding the plate to the gearbox to get the passenger side mount off the plate. This nut was another odd size, rusted solid and seized. Some time on the air grinder to grind the head down , hitting chiseling, air chisel, hammer, vice grind eventually anger and frustration and the hammer saw it break. I now need 4 nuts for the new mounts (which i’ll get on Saturday) with a box of 9/16″ bolts to bolt the mounts back in and replace the bolts in the tail shaft when the rear axle goes in. the good news today was the Single Hex, deep Snap on 3/8″ drive Snap-on sockets I ordered arrived :) Yay! Just awaiting the hinged 3/8″ drive ratchet now :)    

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