Landrover Restoration

May 4, 2008

Time for some fabrications

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With litle progress over the last few months, it was time to get the ball rolling. I picked up some 5mm x 50mm bar to fabricate up some new bumper mounts which had badly rusted and needed repair. The Bar would also patch a small section of the chassis that had some rust holes that proved to be more cancer than a few holes. A sheet of 2mm plate was also acquired to fabricate some new light mounts for the rear of the tray. This proved much easy than I thought. Now I am the first to achknowledge my welding skills are terrible and steel skills equally as bad, but with some new tools I thought I’d give it a go. The Light mounts were simply traced from the pattern of the old tin ones. These are quite battered and bruised. Once traced I centre punched the holes and preceeded to drill the pilot holes, uping the drill bit in size. A 22mm Hole saw cut the holes for the ‘guts’ of the lights to hang through. I don’t have a jigsaw to cut the rounded corners so careful for with the angle grinder, then die grinder managed to cut them to shape and round them off nicely. Some work on the hand file and emery paper managed to clean them up to be quite presentable. Overall, a job done nicely (i think anyways.) Now to clean them up and paint them Chassis Black, mount the lights and bolt them to the chassis.  

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