Landrover Restoration

June 9, 2008

Make it stop…

Filed under: Brakes — Steven Rowlandson @ 5:40 pm

Before the engine goes in, it was decided it was the best time to replace the brake lines. I was lucky tohave some handy tips on hand from the gents at A quick trip to ABS and $140 lighter, I picked up 10 Metres of 3/16″ Steel brake pipe (Bundy Tube) and some fittings. I purchased 8 Tube Nuts, 3/8″ as well as some other fittings. Carefully measuring and cutting lengths of pipe, bending roughly into shape and fitting them to the vehicle one by one took a few hours, but was worth the effort. The next step is to flare the ends and actually bolt them p, something I can’t do until the Blue Point flaring tool arrives.     

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