Landrover Restoration

October 1, 2008

What colour?

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The ute was originally Grey. Which, in my eyes is a little bland. My favourite of the Land Rover colours was Limestone and having a photo on hand of a LWB Trayback in limestone only confirmed my thoughts. I was recommended Standox paint, a little more expensive that other paints but gives an excellent finish. $127 for 4 Litres should see the job done. More news on this to come…  I found this photo as inspiration, this is the colour ‘Limestone’ and will be what my SIIA will look like in a weeks weeks - Touch wood!      A few links I found when researching Land Rover Paint:

    NCJ Limestone 59-84 LRC.007

Paint Colors

Description       Rover No.  DuPont   Ditzler  Glasurit  RM-Supermax  Unipart

Pastel Green      RTC4041A   38504*            ROV-605   RV-028Bronze Green      RTC4042A   38500*   46451    LEY-637   RV-027Marine Blue       RTC4043A   38503*   16514    ROV-504   RV-017        GAP407Limestone         RTC4044A   38505*   46251              RV-040Poppy Red                    38506*            ROV-303   RV-029Sand                         38502*Mid grey                     38501*Burnt grey                   38508*Davos white                  38514*Mexican brown                38519*Cameron green                38520*Almond yellow                38521*Sandglow “Camel Yellow” is also an old Jaguar colorSand (ACF/004 or 26291)Artic White”Detroit Diesel Alpine Green” #225, made by Tempo.*For DuPont add suffix “A” for Centari Acrylic Enamel, “L” for Laquer,or “D” for “DuLux” Alkyd Enamel.

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