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April 25, 2009

Re packing the front wheel bearings

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Well, even though the Axles I replaced were in good order, I had a few hours to spare and thought i would take a look at the wheel bearings. Good job too as they needed doing!First step was to tap the locking tabs back with the trusty punch and hammer then undo the 6 9/16″ bolts with the Snapon Deep 3/8″ drive socket and Flex head DT80 Snap on ratchet :)A quick degrease to get in there with the side cutters to remove the split pin and undo the 11/16″ castle nut with the Snap on 11/16″ shallow socket. Next was the Axle nuts. I have a big Axle Nut box spanner, but, for modern metric 4wd’s, not to worry, it did the job after the locking taps were tapped back flat.The bearings were removed, repacked in new wheel bearing grease and refitted. All up it took about 45 mins per side. Adjusting the brakes was a VERY easy task considering the setup i used to have on my hilux. 2 simple 11/16″ bolts to tighten to adjust the brakes. Easy!

August 10, 2008


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Of late, a few things have progressed. The bonnet, grill and gaurds are back on and looking fantastic in Etch Primer. The doors are back and also in Primer. I have fitted a new fan belt, Fuel Filler Hose, Radiator hoses, new Exide Extreme Battery, new starter button and coil to distributor lead. All the brake lines have been replaced with new pipe and fittings as well as new flexible hoses fort he rear and front. New Clutch slave cylinder was also fitted thanks to Rover Parts and the Landrover now fires up and drives (and stops!) .  All the rear lights are fitted and the wiring has been replaced. Now I just have to connect the wiring in the dash and sort out the years of butchered spliced wires. Next steps will be paint the roof in Etch primer then the whole car in original Limestone. The Tray is all designed and the steel will be ordered and welded up to make a new steel tray with aluminium checkerplate floor.I have stripped the original motor  and will start to slowly rebuild it to put back in the landrover shortly.

June 9, 2008

Make it stop…

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Before the engine goes in, it was decided it was the best time to replace the brake lines. I was lucky tohave some handy tips on hand from the gents at A quick trip to ABS and $140 lighter, I picked up 10 Metres of 3/16″ Steel brake pipe (Bundy Tube) and some fittings. I purchased 8 Tube Nuts, 3/8″ as well as some other fittings. Carefully measuring and cutting lengths of pipe, bending roughly into shape and fitting them to the vehicle one by one took a few hours, but was worth the effort. The next step is to flare the ends and actually bolt them p, something I can’t do until the Blue Point flaring tool arrives.     

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