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August 10, 2008


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Of late, a few things have progressed. The bonnet, grill and gaurds are back on and looking fantastic in Etch Primer. The doors are back and also in Primer. I have fitted a new fan belt, Fuel Filler Hose, Radiator hoses, new Exide Extreme Battery, new starter button and coil to distributor lead. All the brake lines have been replaced with new pipe and fittings as well as new flexible hoses fort he rear and front. New Clutch slave cylinder was also fitted thanks to Rover Parts and the Landrover now fires up and drives (and stops!) .  All the rear lights are fitted and the wiring has been replaced. Now I just have to connect the wiring in the dash and sort out the years of butchered spliced wires. Next steps will be paint the roof in Etch primer then the whole car in original Limestone. The Tray is all designed and the steel will be ordered and welded up to make a new steel tray with aluminium checkerplate floor.I have stripped the original motor  and will start to slowly rebuild it to put back in the landrover shortly.

February 4, 2008

Broke a new gearbox mount - bummer

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Well, having attempt 4 of putting the engine in, i nearly got it, the bottom had about a 1 inch gap and the top was going well, I had a trolley jack under the gearbox lifting the front of it up a tad and the engine crane trying to angle the engine ‘just right’. Unfortunately, it was just out, and BANG, the gearbox mount I had put in earlier torn. I have ordered another and will be extra careful next time. Another blow was the 3 1/2″ UNC threaded bolts I picked up for the sole purpose of using to wind the engine into the gearbox have now got stripped heads from hitting them with the air impact gun when they were not properly aligned. Double Bummer, as I will have to remove them with the vice grips - slow and steady! Another trip to the Metric Men in Keilor Park Dr Tullamarine on Saturday for 4 more bolts. After my frustration, i did manage to paint up a spring pack and also the underside of the drivers floor, the new rear diff housing and the chassis under the passenger compartment with Chassis Black - all looking the goods now and I should have the rear suspension back in within the next few nights, just awaiting on the new U Bolts and nuts to arrive (From of course)(its much easier to put things together with new bolts - which will be my theory with everything I put together - ALWAYS USE NEW BOLTS THEY ARE CHEAP! 

January 29, 2008


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Well, no update for a while but it was due to nothing happening on the Landrover. Since the last update, I have purchased a full set of lights (2 park, 4 Turning (amber) and 2 stop tail) lights for, as well as a new fuse box, and workshop manual. Very helpful and friendly service from Rover Parts, and I have since used them again to grab 2 gearbox mounts which I managed to break whilst trying to put the replacement engine in. Once these arrive I will hopefully get the new engine in and running. I have also rebuilt the clutch and brake master cylinders and managed to paint all the floor components only having to remove them from the car again to fit the engine. It will be good to get the cab back together.   Photos of the parts / progress Lights, Manuel , Fuse Box wFreshly painted Chassis   

September 22, 2007

Engine out…

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Today was a successful day. I managed to pull the radiator and surround out, then unbolted the bell housing and engine mounts, exhaust and a few linkages to remove the engine. This was then cleaned with the karecher and CT18 and the whole car got a good clean. the paint stripping of panels continued and thus far only the bonnet and seat box are in the first coat of primer. Lots more paint stripping and wire brushing to remove old paint will continue and the new engine crane worked a treat in getting the engine out. Once its on the engine stand we can start to strip it down to replace the welch plugs, rebuild the carbie and check on the condition of the rings and head. Tomorrow i’ll take some photos for the progress thus far and start to clean up the chassis for painting as well as continued stripping of the panels. It seams never ending. 

June 16, 2007

The Numbers

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Engine NumberEngine Number
Body Serial and Chassis number!Body Serial and Chassis number!

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