Landrover Restoration

March 22, 2008

Back to work…

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Due to being on the later shifts, and it being unbearably hot on weekends, I haven’t touched the Land Rover for a month. But.. Today.. I painted the bottom of the Passenger floor and also re fitted the rear axle/ spring setup. All good this far. Just have to bolt the front spring hangers and put the wheels back on. Next phase will be remove and exchange the front diff/axle housing for the new unit I picked up from Slunnie and then fit the engine. Hopefully get this beast mobile before too long (then its time to make it stop!

January 30, 2008

1st Rear Spring

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About a week ago I unbolted the rear springs ready to roll the axle assembly out for change over to one I bought from Slunnie as it was already rebuilt with new seals and the likes and I could then restore mine later as a ’spare’ I decided against new springs as the old ones looked fine so it was a case of swapping them over. Like EVERYTHING on the Ute, it was COVERED in thick surface rust. The bolts were firm but magically came undone with the help of the breaker bar and some hard turning. New U bolts, nuts etc will be ordered shortly from our new pals at Roverparts. I unbolted the leaf packs and removed the bottom 3 leaves and gave everything the once over by hand with the wire brush, cleaned it up with some degreaser and a light sand with some emery paper. A good go with the Angle grinder with wire brush should see them all good as new, for re assembly wih graphite grease between the leaves and a quick coat of the trust Chassis Black paint to give it the good as new shine. One side is 50% complete. Yippee.

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