Landrover Restoration

August 10, 2008

Snap on tools

Filed under: Tools — Steven Rowlandson @ 6:45 pm

Over the course of the project my tool box needed additions to make life easy. Snap on are very expensive tools but are they worth the $$? Firstly, they contain a lifetime warranty. They are well made and sized perfectly. There is a tool for EVERY job. I am shocked and amazed what they have. Over the last few months I have purchased:

  • Imperial Flank drive plus ratchet spanner set
  • 2 sets of flare pipe wrenches
  • 3/8″ Drive deep and shallow single hex (6pt) sockets (imperial)
  • Various screw drivers, allen keys, torx bits
  • Ratchet Screw driver
  • Nut Drivers (imperial)
  • Torque Wrench (3/8″)
  • Bluepoint double flaring tool
  • Set of Long nose pliers
  • Carbon Scraper
  • 3/8″ extension set

Plenty more to buy yet! 

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