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June 24, 2010

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October 1, 2008

What colour?

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The ute was originally Grey. Which, in my eyes is a little bland. My favourite of the Land Rover colours was Limestone and having a photo on hand of a LWB Trayback in limestone only confirmed my thoughts. I was recommended Standox paint, a little more expensive that other paints but gives an excellent finish. $127 for 4 Litres should see the job done. More news on this to come…  I found this photo as inspiration, this is the colour ‘Limestone’ and will be what my SIIA will look like in a weeks weeks - Touch wood!      A few links I found when researching Land Rover Paint:

    NCJ Limestone 59-84 LRC.007

Paint Colors

Description       Rover No.  DuPont   Ditzler  Glasurit  RM-Supermax  Unipart

Pastel Green      RTC4041A   38504*            ROV-605   RV-028Bronze Green      RTC4042A   38500*   46451    LEY-637   RV-027Marine Blue       RTC4043A   38503*   16514    ROV-504   RV-017        GAP407Limestone         RTC4044A   38505*   46251              RV-040Poppy Red                    38506*            ROV-303   RV-029Sand                         38502*Mid grey                     38501*Burnt grey                   38508*Davos white                  38514*Mexican brown                38519*Cameron green                38520*Almond yellow                38521*Sandglow “Camel Yellow” is also an old Jaguar colorSand (ACF/004 or 26291)Artic White”Detroit Diesel Alpine Green” #225, made by Tempo.*For DuPont add suffix “A” for Centari Acrylic Enamel, “L” for Laquer,or “D” for “DuLux” Alkyd Enamel.

June 18, 2007


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Plugging in the Vin / Chassis number @ gives us some info on the Landrover!

The chassis number is found under the passenger rear spring hanger or on the plate in the cab.

Mine 25311853B 

253 Model: Land Rover, Series IIA
Body type: Basic
Wheel base: 109in
Engine: petrol
Model years: 1962-1971
Destination: Completely knocked down (CKD), right-hand drive (RHD)
11853 Serial number
B Design: One significant design modification
Suffix used from March 1963 till April 1966

June 17, 2007

More Chassis Clean up

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Another few hours have been spent in the garage working on the landrover. I managed to get the towbar off and ther rear lights.

The towbar was VERY difficult to remove, the rust and time had siezed the 15/16 bolts very tight. Breakerbar + Handwinch bar was used to extract them. The Rear lights had to have their bolts cut with the grinder unfortunately as the screws were seized. At some stage the wiring has shorted out to the rear of the vehicle as there is a fried wire and plastic sheath oozing from the chassis at some points, which means we might have to replace the loom to the rear of the vehicle :(

One shock was removed, and I thought it was too good to be true when trying the drivers side, this bugger is tight and will require a second pair of hands.

I also attempted to fix the rear light protcetor bar by welding it up, not bad for my first weld in 2 years, but will need the tidy up of a pro I think!

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